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TextBuilder.ai Review 2023: AI Content Writing For Affiliate Marketers

As a professional blogger, I am always looking for new and interesting ways to create and keep my content unique, fresh, relevant, and engaging for my readers. Because I believe in blogging, one of the keys to success is creating unique content that is SEO optimized.

This means that your content must be well-written and keyword-rich in order to attract readers and search engines alike.

But there is a prerequisite in creating quality content and that is that it takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end, I believe it is worth it when you see the results.

A successful blog post can reach a wide audience, generate traffic back to your site, and build your brand.

But it’s common that bloggers sometimes face difficulty in giving due attention to their projects due to writer’s block and or lack of time etc.

However, by using artificial intelligence for blog writing as an assistant(and I really mean as a writing assistant only) they can significantly increase the speed with which they want to write. After all, it’s true that time is money.

Writing articles with powerful AI can help bloggers save time by automating the majority of the process of text generation. In addition, it can also help them overcome writer’s block by providing ideas and suggestions for topics to write about. And to help you in this I brought TextBuilder ai review, an AI writing software (Actually it’s not so new and it’s a SAAS) that provides the most unique text that can pass Copyscape tests.

It’s a tool to help you write the highest possible text quality with advanced ai. This generates text using its own proprietary ai model.

Textbuilder.ai Review | Unique AI Writing Tool

I understand if you are reading this blog, then most probably you’re looking for a new AI writing tool that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. And that’s why I will highly suggest you should definitely check out Textbuilder.ai.

This artificial intelligence-powered tool is designed to help you generate high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would normally take. In my testing, I was amazed to see the speed with which TextBuilder generates content that is efficient in terms of SEO and of very high quality.

With TextBuilder ai you can generate blog articles in a guided way and in a step-by-step format.

What’s even more impressive is that Textbuilder ai writer is constantly learning and improving its algorithms and template tools, and in a very short time.

The new top 10 listicle review article and creating your own writing templates and creating a writing framework as per your requirement are a few to look out for in this amazing ai content assistant.

This tool uses a custom-trained AI model and not the famous GPT-3 AI to generate unique and quality content. With its effective and amazing features backed by an able developer, it has become one of the easiest, most efficient ai generated writing tools made for affiliate & social media marketers and bloggers.

This also distinguishes it from its competitors currently available in the market. And it is not stopping here, recently Auto Writer tool was introduced. You can generate a 2000-3000 words article by just adding your main topic and clicking generate. These innovative and efficient features are surely taking TexBuilder to become a leader in the ai content assistants market very soon.

And at this point in time, if you’re looking for an ai tool that can help you save time and produce better results, that offers an amazing lifetime deal at the best price ever then Textbuilder.ai is definitely worth checking out. But let me tell you that this LTD offer is finishing very very soon. Don’t regret later act now!

How to signup for FREE Trial (No credit card required) And Buy A Lifetime Deal only for $99(Limited time offer)

  1. Go to the website here
  2. Signup by using your Email & get 1000 Free Words Credits.
  3. To buy LTD go to https://app.textbuilder.ai/credits  or click the Credits tab in the left-hand menu.
  4. Complete the purchase by paying by Card, Paypal, or Gpay.

How Texbuilder.ai Is Unique 

If you’re looking for a way to create better content, faster, then you need to check out Textbuilder. This unique AI writing tool can help you write high-converting blog posts and Amazon affiliate reviews instantly and above all blog posts that rank on search engines.

Not only does Textbuilder save you time by writing high-quality content for you, but it also helps you make more money. That’s because its generated content is optimized for conversion, meaning that it’s more likely to result in sales or leads.

You may want to consider using Textbuilder because it uses technology based on its own trained AI, because of which can generate unique content for bloggers, advertisers, social media marketers, and creatives. If you’re worried about quality, don’t be. Textbuilder AI technology is constantly learning and improving, so the content it produces will only get better over time. It works by just providing a few inputs from you and it will create an attractive plagiarism-free and catchy article for you.

Textbuilder LIFETIME DEAL: Pay Once To Use For A Lifetime

With Textbuilder you get lifetime access(Limited time offer, ending soon) to all features like AI long-form writer, AI Builder, Frameworks, 90+ templates, and best of all it includes all future updates and improvements to all features. Yes, you read correctly. You do not have to worry about paying any additional fees or buying upgrades for a lifetime. That’s a Great Offer!

It’s logical to buy multiple LTD accounts until it’s available. The main features of LTD are as below at the time of this writing(it’s a limited-time offer, don’t miss it)

  • 30’000 Words / Every Month
  • Unlimited Documents
  • All Results History

Access To Unique Writing Tools:

  • lightning Fast Longform Writer
  • Unique AI Templates (all)
  • Framework (Create your own template)
  • Magic Commands (Write anything with short commands)

Lifetime Deal

Monthly Subscription Plans (Yearly) 20% off

Monthly Subscription Plans (Monthly)

Monthly Subscription Plans (Monthly)
Monthly Subscription Plans (Monthly)

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What Type Of Content Can Be Created With Textbuilder.ai

1. Awesome Easy Way To Create Long Form Blog Articles:

When it comes to blog writing, many people think that they need to spend hours upon hours coming up with ideas, typing out their thoughts, and editing their work. However, Textbuilder can help people write long-form blog articles 10x faster and in a fraction of the time.

Textbuilder is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you write long-form blog articles. All you need to do is provide a topic, and the AI will generate an outline for you. From there, you can fill in the blanks and add your own thoughts and ideas. The best part is that you can do all of this in a fraction of the time it would normally take you to write a long-form blog article from scratch.

If you’re looking for a way to save time on your blog writing, textbuilder.ai is definitely worth checking out.

2. Write Amazing Amazon Affiliate Reviews:

In my testing of this software, I was amazed by the way Textbuilder.ai generate Amazon affiliate reviews. It can create reviews for products in any niche, and it is very easy to use. Soon an automatic template to create a top 10 amazon affiliate article is released which will search the top 10 Amazon products in your selected niche and ai writes an article on these selected products.

Based on my personal use even now Textbuilder is a great tool for affiliates who want to quickly and easily generate reviews for the products they are promoting. The generated reviews are realistic and will help convince potential buyers to purchase the product. For example, it has a template to write ” how we choose the product, Things to consider, and Product Pros & Cons to make your articles realistic and convincing. For me, it’s easy to say that If you are an Amazon affiliate, definitely check out Textbuilder.

Price Is Going Up Soon for LifeTime Deal

Buy LTD deal for only $99 (Limited time offer)

3. Generate Convincing Copy With Ready To Use Templates:

If you’re a copywriter, you know how important it is to have great copywriting templates. And if you’re looking for the best templates, you’ll want to check out textbuilder.ai.

Textbuilder is a powerful AI-based platform that can help you generate high-quality copy with its ready and easy-to-use writing templates. Plus the best part is that with Textbuilder.ai, you can create custom templates for any type of project using its Framework and AI Builder tools.

4. Text For Ads, Websites, Product Descriptions, And Much More:

I was able to create high-quality ad copy, blog intros, about us page content, video scripts, blog outlines, social posts, and feedback replies with ready-to-use templates. My other favorite templates are Explain This, Bullet Point to Blog Section, Answer Question, Blog Post Intro Paragraph, and Generate Questions to name a few.

TextBuilder AI Review: Pros & Cons Of Lifetime Deal

TextBuilder.ai is hands down, the best, most dynamic, robust, and capable ai text creation tool on the market right now. I’ve tested several similar tools in the past, and this one blows them all out of the water. Not only is it the newest, most feature-rich, most robust, and most powerful text generator on the market today, it’s incredibly easy to use as well.

 As per my testing, I found that TextBuilder.ai is capable of building out hundreds of pages of uplifting, actionable, keyword-rich content for blog posts, sales pages, affiliate product reviews, and even product descriptions, at lightning speed.

TextBuilder ai does the hard work for you. There are no complicated tutorials to read or understand. If you’re new to writing blogs for affiliate sites, or simply want an easy, reliable way to write thousands of words of quality content, day in and day out, it is the right choice for you. Below I have listed the main pros and cons which I found during my testing.


  • Best value LTD today
  • Start generating the top 10 best listicles articles with ease
  • Must have for Affiliate Bloggers and Amazon Product Reviewers 
  • Unlimited Teams with the option to assign individual limits
  • Create automatic Top 10 Amazon product review articles
  • Lots of content automation tools in development(coming soon)
  • High-Quality and Plagiarism free content
  • Longform How to Blogposts
  • Create Buyer Guide
  • Create Ebooks
  • 90+ pre-made templates (AIDA, PAS, Social media, etc)
  • Website and Email copy
  • Can buy additional word credits as per requirement
  • Regular updates, almost on a daily basis
  • Very responsive developer, always ready to help with queries
  • Generated content is unique without being plagiarized
  • Custom proprietary AI model
  • It generates 10x faster output


  • Not unlimited word credits. In LTD it’s 30k words per month
  • Website user interface not suitable for use on mobile phones (for now)
  • As of now, no plagiarism check tool is available
  • No grammar or plagiarism checker in-built
  • Future updates are not included in LTD

It’s Ending Soon!

Current pricing for LTD and Monthly subscription are increasing very soon. Make the decision today or maybe you will regret as you are if you missed the Earlybird offers on Copay.ai, Copymatic. Click below to get a special offer today!

Buyer’s Guide

  • Textbuilder.ai is an amazing tool that will help you to save time and produce more effective and accurate content.
  • The AI algorithm will learn from your work and improve over time.
  • It is very accurate and can deliver high-quality, human-sounding content.
  • Textbuilder.ai has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple for you to use and learn how to use it, and requires no long training.
  • It has a huge library of templates and pre-made content, which means you can start writing right away.
  • You can easily use this tool to rank higher on Google.
  • You can easily use this tool to earn more affiliate commissions.
  • You can easily use this tool to improve your social media following.
  • This tool is the best choice for those who are looking for a quality and affordable tool.


There are various types of ai blog writing tools available on the market, but only a few are worth your time and money. As per my experience with many of them, when you’re looking at software programs, there are two key factors that you need to consider: first, how easy is it to use? And second, how much will it cost to use? And currently, Textbuilder ai is one that is easily the top choice.

In conclusion, Textbuilder is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal to help with writer’s block. I highly recommend it to anyone who writes blogs, articles, scripts, or posts for social media. Its easy-to-use platform can create stunning content that will help your online business stand out from the rest. It’s helped me tremendously and I’m sure it can help you too.

FAQ || TextBuilder.ai Review 2022: Best Value LTD

What is the pricing of the TextBuilder lifetime deal?

Textbuilder.ai is currently available as an LTD for only $99 (the offer expires soon).

What is the word limits in the TextBuilder lifetime deal?

TextBuilder offers 30,000 words per month in LTD. Which renews every month (the offer expires soon).

How to buy TextBuilder LTD?

Log on to the TextBuilder website and signup for a free trial account. Once you are logged in to the account, click credits on the left-hand bar. From here all the available plans both LTD and a monthly subscription can be purchased.

What are the different types of content that TextBuilder can help you write?

TextBuilder is a helpful software for creating content for your Amazon affiliate reviews and blog posts, as it can ensure your writing is unique, engaging, and plagiarism-free.

What type of results can I expect from using Textbuilder?

During our testing, TextBuilder proved to be a great tool for creating high-quality content. It can help you create well-written, engaging content that will resonate with your audience. It is specially designed for affiliate bloggers.

What languages are currently supported by TextBuilder?

All languages from DeepL API are supported: https://www.deepl.com/docs-api/translating-text/

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